Associated Practitioners

The Children’s Clinic for Cornwall is also home to the Lostwithiel Complementary Health Clinic, whose members pay rent for the use of the rooms in the Market Building. This rent provides the income for the Children’s Clinic, without which the Trustees would not be able to subsidise children’s treatments. These practitioners treat adults and children at the Clinic throughout the week.

For information on prices, on our therapists and FAQs please visit the Lostwithiel Complementary Health Clinic website.


Rachel Fisher AoR.APNT, CNHC – Healing Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology


Rachel Fisher has been using the Children’s Clinic to treat patients since its inception. She has over ten years experience in complementary therapies and is able to personalize the reflexology or massage session, using advanced techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Amma Fusion, to suit the patient. She also does Swedish Massage and Remedial Massage for stress, injury or relaxation.

For more information, get in touch with Rachel on-line at or phone 07971 007331

Nick Payton, B.T.A.A. – Advanced Bowen Therapist


The Bowen technique was developed by Tom Bowen, an Australian, from the 1950’s until his death in 1982. The Bowen Academy of Australia was founded in 1986 and today there are over 9,000 Bowen therapists worldwide. The treatment lasts about one hour and can be given through light clothing.

The therapist uses thumbs and forefingers to make Bowen Techniques unique set of gentle, rolling-type moves at precise points and at correct intervals across muscles, tendons or nerve sheaths. The practice stimulates the body to balance, reset and heal. As well as being a powerful healing tool for treating ailments and injuries, a Bowen treatment can make a positive healthy impact, reducing the effects of stress and providing more energy. Clients often report an overall sense of wellbeing.

For more information, contact the Children’s Clinic on 01208 872867 or phone Nick on 01208 850542.

Pete Mulford, B.Eng, PGCE, Dip Clin Hyp (with Excellence) Master Practitioner of NLP and TLT.

 Pete is a specialist in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy and uses an integrated approach to tailor his client’s sessions to their individual needs. He has a particular interest in Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), a growing field of science that highlights the link between the mind and the body, or more specifically how our thoughts have a real impact on us physically and mentally. It begins to explain why the techniques that he uses can really help clients with such a wide range of conditions. From IBS to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from confidence to depression, Pete’s skills can help his clients move forward to health, happiness and well-being.

Sometimes our past is best left, back in the past and Pete can help you how to move forward and work towards the ‘life you love’, even if you are unsure of exactly what that life will be. This is not about ignoring the bad things that may have happened but rather helping you to bounce back and fostering the development of resilience. Many people find this a gentle positive way of seeking the change they desire.

For some people there is an internal conflict over changing, where one ‘part’ may want to be different, while another ‘part’ is happy with the way things are, or is scared to change. This is quite often the case and if this is sounds like you, there are many ways to help resolve the conflict for a better future.

To find out more about how Pete’s treatment can help you, visit his website, or contact him direct on 01579 308232